This is just a sample of the things important to me

I pay attention to a lot of different things and have an opinion on most of them.  I doubt that I will ever be able to list every issue that I have an opinion on, but I can list a sample which indicates my way of thinking.  I am starting with just a few issues but it will be a growing list.  You can use the contact page to ask me about other issues that you think should be included here.




Life begins at conception.  Killing any innocent human for any reason and at any age is morally wrong, but I do believe in one exception and that is self defense.  If someone, even a baby, becomes a physical threat to the life of a woman, it is moral to eliminate the threat.  If the threat is only for economic wellbeing or embarrassment of the mother then that is not a life or death choice and it is not moral to kill for that reason.  

Capital Punishment

Execution and abortion both end a life and some see no difference.  The difference is innocence.  If a criminal received a fair trial and was found guilty of murder, rape or torture, he must be punished.  Death penalty for serious crimes is a detourant.  

Common Core

Common Core by itself is not a problem.  It is the  symptom of the much larger problem of government overreach.  We the people have demanded that the government do for us what we should have done for ourselves.  The government responded by not only doing what the people demanded but created more situations that caused an even greater demand for government service.   We have been falling down the pit of government dependancy for generations, but at such a gradual pace that few notice. 

One of the places that government overreach should have been most obvious is in education.  That is the place where government intersects with our children and grand children.  Government has interfered with local schools from the time of seperate but equal,  into the school of your choice, and concent decree times.  It continued into the times of gerrymandered school zones and race ballance by forced bussing.  We saw prayer and devotionals being outlawed.  We saw the so called "new math" come into play.  We saw the Depaartment of Education become a federal cabinate position.  We saw revisionist history being taught and we the people worried a little about it but never really made a stand.  Now we have Common Core.  The answer to stoping Common Core is not to fight only against Common Core.  We have to make a total effort against all forms of goernment oerreach.  

Gun Control

The second amendment to the US constitution says that the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. 

Keep means to own.  Bare means to carry, but there is no mention of how to carry.  The terms open or concealed never appear in the second amendment.  Arms means any kind of weapon.  It can be a fire arm or it might be a rock.  It might even be a battle ship.

The second amendment protects citizens in the right to keep and bare the arms of our choice but it does not say that illegal use of any weapon is legal.  If you kill someone with an illegal military style weapon or beat him to death with a ball peen hammer, he is still dead and it is murderer who did it and not the weapon.

Homosexual marriage

If a lawyer wants to make a contract for cohabitation or division of property they are already free to do that.  The problem is calling such arrangements "Holy Matrimony"  If someone wants to have a ceromony they have that right but they should never demand that a church sanction that sort of union.


We pay taxes to every level of government from federal down to the local water association, and in nearly every case we get less goods and services for our money than we would get if a for profit business handled it.   In many cases we pay taxes to buy things we do not want.  In many other cases we are paying taxes to subsidize dependancy.  As a state legislator, I will have almost no power to control waste at the federal level and only limited power at local levels.  If I had the power, I would end a lot of stupid programs including Obamacare.  There are some forms of federal waste that goes to states if they pay matching funds or modify their laws in ways the national government wants.  I might be a lone voice by saying no to a lot of that federal sugar, but I stand on principle.


Some people see me as dangerous because I might turn down money going to people who want the money.  I know that there are a few government programs that are not so bad and would not try to cut them.  Such things as fire and police protection should be increased.  If spending is just a special favor, I will be dangerous.

It is very popular for politicians to talk about cutting taxes in ways that do not reduce money to the government.  That is not hard to do because it is proven that putting money back into the hands of people who spend it more wisely than government can stimulate growth in the tax base and cause more money to go to the government.  Eliminating business inventory taxes would stimulate sales more than enough to replace all the money collected from inventory taxes.  My goal is not to bring in the same amount of revenue but to reduce revenue to the point that beurocracy will have to cut waste.  Reducing taxes to that level will be hard to get passed but I will try.

I already said that as a state legislator, I will have very little power over federal taxes but there is one tax proposal that I do advocate for.  That is the Fair Tax plan which would eleminate the IRS and replace the income tax with a national sales tax.     

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