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This is the part of campaigning that I hate the most.  I never did like to beg for money.  If you  see a politician who actually enjoys telling people to send him money, that should tell you what he is in politics for.  

The trouble that I face is that even though I hate asking for donations, it is something that must be done.  The political system in America is set up to give advantage to people with money.  Often that money comes by offering something in return.

I really do believe in the things that I stand for and I really do need to have the resorces to get my message to the people.  I believe strongly enough about this campaign that I am swallowing my pride and asking for help.  

Please donate if you want to be involved in something that is worth fighting for.  If you expect something for your money other than an honest state represenative, please do not waste your money.  I will not do personal favors for anybody.

Please make checks to Cliff Brown and put campaign fund in the memo.  Mail them either my home or business address.  If you send more than $200 I need your name, address and occupation so I can follow the election laws.   You can also use the DONATE button on this page.

2454-A Star Rd.
Florence, MS. 39073

1700 Simpson HWY #7
Magee, MS. 39111

NOTE: There is a glitch in that donate button which I am working to correct.  If you want to help you can still snail mail me a check or wait a few weeks until I debug the button.  The easiest way is with my Go fund me account.

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